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3 Reasons you need to hire a thermal imaging camera today!

Every facility be it a home, office or a factory is the subject to thermal loss, equipment failure and moisture intrusion. But by hiring a thermal imaging camera from Red Current you can identify these issues early, saving your business money and removing any dangers to your employees. Here are three important reasons you might need to hire a thermal imaging camera today!


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Building Heat Loss Performance

The most common issue facing any form of building is heat loss from walls, pipes, windows and doors – all costing your business more and more money in heating bills. And though thermal imaging cameras can’t read air temperature they can look at the impact air temperature is having on a particular surface. This then allows you to identify possible sources of heat loss. 

And if you are involved in the construction industry the use of thermal imaging cameras can be used to ensure that buildings are constructed to have the best thermal performance possible. 

Identify electrical issues

In any facility, there is numerous electric equipment all of which run the risk of having some form of electrical issues during their lifetime, which could be a serious safety or business interruption risk for your business. But due to the ability to use thermal imaging cameras from a distance, you can safely identify any such electrical issues. Thermal imaging cameras can very easily be used to identify circuits which may be overheating, motors that may be about to fail. They can also be used to spot any loose connections which could put your business at risk of power failure or even possibly fires. 

Roofing problems

The roof of a building is extremely important when it comes to ensuring low levels of heat loss due to the nature of hot air rising, as well as keeping your employees, equipment and products protected from the elements. So, by hiring a thermal imaging camera you can help identify any roofing problems before they are too big an issue that your team are sitting in puddles or your products have to be disposed of due to water damage. 

So there you have it three reasons that you need to hire a thermal imaging camera today and here at Red Current we’re ready to help with a wide range of thermal imaging cameras for hire that will meet all of your needs.

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