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Building Thermal Imaging Surveys

Red Current Ltd provides industry leading building thermography surveys of buildings throughout the UK carried out by UKTA approved Level 2 thermographic surveyors

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Example Images

Missing-insulation1Insulation missing within the wall cavity

Air-leakageUnintended air leakage paths at the roof soffits

Missing-insulationMissing insulation identified during an internal survey

Why thermography?

The accuracy and sensitivity of high specification building thermal imaging cameras enables building thermography to be the best non-destructive testing method to assess the continuity of insulation, identify excessive thermal bridges and locate unintended air leakage paths within the fabric of a building. This could be vital in determining what exactly is wrong with the building quickly and efficiently, without creating prolonged ordeal for both the building contractor and building owner. The survey reports are very comprehensive providing excellent detail to thermal anomalies identified within the building, assisting efficient and effective remedial works to be undertaken that enables the building to perform to its designed specification.

Thermographic building thermal imaging surveys to assess the integrity of the building fabric are usually required for one of three reasons...

1. To assist in diagnosing suspected problems with the building fabric or comfort levels:-

Where there are suspected problems with the building fabric such as moisture ingress, condensation and mould growth or where there is the perception that the thermal efficiency isn't what it should be, the use of thermography can provide excellent visual and quantitative evidence of the causes of the suspected problems.

2. To demonstrate compliance with the construction specification on newly constructed buildings:-

Due to Part L of the Building Regulations and sustainability assessments such as BREEAM an increasing number of Building Specifications are including a thermographic survey into the schedule of works as a means of quality assurance and to achieve the required sustainability rating.

3. To identify potential improvements to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions:-

On existing buildings, thermography can be used to assess the overall performance of the individual building fabric elements such that informed decisions can be made on improving energy efficiency. If required, in depth analysis can also be undertaken to estimate the potential cost and CO2 reductions if particular improvements are undertaken.

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Building thermography surveys

building thermography applications

Thermal imaging for BREEAM Credits

Assessing continuity of insulation

Identifying unintended air leakage paths

Locating areas at risk of condensation and mould growth

Frequently asked questions

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What are the best conditions for carrying thermal imaging surveys on buildings?

What standards are in place for carrying out thermal imaging surveys on buildings?

Should thermal imaging surveys of buildings be carried out internally or externally?

Why choose Red Current Ltd?

UKTA Approved Thermographer for Building Surveys

Red Current only use UK Thermography Association approved trained and certified engineers with strong backgrounds and experience in the use of thermography for building applications.

Our surveyors are certified to PCN Level 2 and fully approved by the UKTA to deliver thermal imaging surveys in support of a BREEAM credit.

We only use the highest specification thermal imaging cameras commercially available, this ensures the highest possible quality in the images produced together with accuracy and reliability of our results.

What our customers say:

Red Current delivered a thoroughly professional service in a flexible and timely manner which met our buisness requirements. We have used Red Current for other thermographic work on sites and I would envisage this relationship continuing into the future.Chris Hall, Five Landis Ltd.
Rollalong Ltd required a thermal imaging survey in support of a BREEAM assessment on two newly constructed facilities for the MOD. We instructed Red Current Ltd as they had the required Level 2 Thermography certification and were competitive on price. The survey was carried out within the agreed timescale with the subsequent report clearly presented identifying recommendations for further investigation. We would recommend Red Current Ltd to any other company requiring a thermal imaging survey.Nick Wilson, Rollalong Ltd.
Following the completion and commissioning of a new facility in Stoke-on-Trent costing £6m we suspected that the building was not performing well in terms of energy efficiency …. Rooms and offices were extremely cold in the mornings some down to 6 Celsius, rooms were taking an ‘age’ to come up to a comfortable temperature then would lose their heat very quickly. We instructed Red Current Ltd to complete a thermographic survey of the building to provide evidence of the issues experienced together with the suspected causes. The Surveyors from Red Current ………. The guys were very helpful and used terminology that any layman would understand when they were giving feedback about the report. From the beginning of the process Red Current were very helpful and communication was first class, while on site they were very professional and conducted themselves without any trouble. The report was very comprehensive and has given us the evidence we needed to present to our contractors. We highly recommend Red Current to any organisation or contractor who had similar requirements and would use their services in the future.Peter Flynn, Facilities & Estate Manager. YMCA - Staffordshire

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