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The Different Uses of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging is an essential technology in use today. Many professionals from different sectors rely this expertise for a wide variety of important reasons – this technology is even used to save lives. The basic principle behind thermal imaging is utilising any heat generated by an object, to pinpoint or create an image of it.

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Different Uses

There is a vast array of uses for thermal imaging technology. For example, Firefighters frequently employ thermography to locate people trapped in fire situations, where smoke reduces visibility. We have all probably seen TV footage of Law Enforcement Agencies using this technology to apprehend criminals. Medical Professionals make use of thermal imaging to detect illnesses without the need for invasive procedures.

Thermographic Surveys

The surface temperature of different objects can be captured using thermal imaging cameras, which is then used to reveal inconsistencies, defects and other important information. These are known as thermographic surveys.

Thermal Imaging Surveys Reports of Electrical Systems

How can faulty electrical equipment, poor connections and overloaded cables be identified quickly and safely, without disrupting your company’s productivity? Electrical thermal imaging surveys. These reports are extremely detailed and contain information including any faults that are identified and their solutions. The overall findings, along with a checklist and images of every aspect of the survey, is also included.

Thermography Surveys of Buildings

The integrity, efficiency and specification of a building is vitally important. Thermal imaging can be utilised to accurately check all of these things and much more. Buildings often suffer from condensation, moisture intrusion and the growth of mould spores. Thermography surveys can not only generate accurate images, but they can also point to the underlying causes of any problem identified.
Building Regulations and Sustainability Assessments require that all new buildings comply with the construction specifications. Thermography is often used in the sustainability process, to assure the viability of a new build.

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Underfloor Heating Systems

Imagine the difficulty in attempting to locate the precise layout of an underfloor heating system, with all of their network of pipes! That is why thermal surveys are so vital. Thermal imaging can locate and record exactly where sub-surface pipes are. It can also ascertain whether the system meets the design specification. If there are any leaks or poorly performing areas, these can be located with pin-point accuracy.

Thermal Imaging Surveys of Mechanical Plant and Equipment

If your business relies on any mechanical plant or equipment, you know the importance of a smooth and efficient performance. Thermal imaging can identify hidden faults including worn, misaligned, poorly lubricated bearings, slipping or over-tightened drive belts and pulleys. The thermography report allows you to see the overall health and performance of your plant and equipment. It can also be used to support the commissioning of new machinery.

Thermal Imaging Surveys of UK Housing Stock

Invasive techniques used to identify the general performance of a building can be disruptive and damaging. Thermal imaging inspections are unrivalled as regards their effectivity, accuracy and non-destructive nature. The detailed images capture the front and sides of the building, as well as any irregularities and performance of the property.

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