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Why you should choose Red Current for thermal imaging camera hire

Thermal imaging cameras are designed to perform a wide range of tasks – including electrical inspections, detecting thermal patterns and identifying areas of heat loss. Here at Red Current, we provide an extensive range of high-quality cameras at affordable prices.

If you’re looking to try before you buy, why not consider thermal imaging camera hire? Hiring a camera allows you to decide which one is right for you.

Having been in the thermography industry for more than 20 years, Red Current provide exceptional service. Here we explain why you should choose us for thermal imaging camera hire:

Red Current are the go-to hire company for many clients. Specialising in thermography, we have developed a wealth of experience over the years and all our professionals who carry out surveys and reports have achieved the BINDT Level 3 PCN certification.

If this is your first time hiring a camera, you’re in capable hands with Red Current. Our team of experts are always on hand to help and can provide you with guidance when it comes to selecting the right camera for your budget and application.

We provide you with a clear breakdown of everything that you need to know about thermal imaging camera hire.

We will always respond to enquiries within 24-hours to ensure that you’re not kept waiting for longer than you need to be and don’t waste valuable time.

Here at Red Current, we provide clients with the option to hire a camera instead of purchasing a brand new one.

The cameras that are currently in stock are useful for a wide range of different applications – heat loss analysis and locating damp being just two examples.

Flir E4
The Flir E4 is a lightweight, handheld device which is suitable for first-time users. It’s also suited more towards the requirements of less demanding surveys and is one of the easiest devices to use.

Flir E75
When it comes to thermal imaging camera hire, the Flir E75 is a fair investment to make as it allows you to check for moisture leaks, mould and other problems. It measures temperature between -20°C and 650°C and provides accuracy of 2°C.

We provide many thermal imaging cameras which have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in. The Flir E75 allows you to transfer the data from your findings to smart devices – allowing for easy analysis.

Flir T460
If you’re looking for a thermal imaging camera for surveys and maintenance, the Flir T460  is ideal. This is a versatile device which offers various features. Using the T460 will create detailed thermal images and provide you with comparable results.

All thermographic reports that are conducted by Red Current are filled with detailed, relevant information.

You can count on us to provide reports and recommendations that are clear to understand, allowing you to rectify problems efficiently.

One of our main goals at Red Current is to provide a service that matches the expectations of clients, which is why we provide products and services to suit every budget.

If a thermal imaging camera isn’t required all the time, thermal imaging camera hire is perfect for you.

In offering camera hire, we not only provide you with a practical solution for inspecting your property, we ensure that you benefit from a convenient service by offering flexible hire periods – ranging from 1-day to 7-day hire.

What are the benefits of hiring a camera from Red Current?
When it comes to thermal imaging camera hire, we regularly update our stock to ensure that you have access to the latest equipment. Our camera hire services offer a short-term solution for solving problems concerning heat loss and lack of performance.

All thermal imaging cameras available for hire are quality assured – guaranteeing to suit test and measuring equipment needs.
Our products are suitable for all industries, so if you’re looking for thermal imaging camera hire, get in touch with our team of experts today by calling 01189 819 819.

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