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What makes thermal imaging cameras useful?

Thermal imaging is something that we specialise in at here at Red Current. We provide high performance thermal imaging cameras to meet the growing demands of customers across a range of sectors.

What are thermal imaging cameras?

A thermal imaging camera is a type of thermographic camera that can be used for a wide range of applications.

The thermal imaging cameras, we provide at Red Current, render infrared radiation as visible light, allowing you to detect differences in wave speeds and temperature.

Here’s how they work:

  1. The lens of the easy-to-use thermal imaging camera detects the infrared light that’s emitted by objects.
  2. This light is then scanned using a thermogram and obtains information about the temperature.
  3. The thermogram is then converted into electrical impulses which are sent to a circuit board.
  4. After this, the information is sent to the display where it can be seen as various colours- showing which areas are of high intensity and which are of low intensity.

Our thermal imaging cameras are designed to be innovative and monitor thermal performance reliably. They are renowned for offering maximum functionality and cost-effective analysis.

What are thermal imaging cameras used for?

When it comes to thermal imaging camera rental, there are many ways that you can benefit from the cameras available for hire here at Red Current.

Did you know that firefighters use thermal imaging? It helps them to quickly identify a fire and even locate bodies in a dark, smoke-filled room.

One of the most common uses of thermal imaging cameras is to locate areas of moisture, mould and dampness. They are suitable for domestic and commercial buildings and can be used inside mechanical equipment to give you an insight into what’s going on inside.

In addition to this, thermal imaging is used as a deterrent for crime. It allows you to see where burglars are hiding or fleeing the scene- making it ideal for safety surveillance.

We provide thermal imaging cameras to identify any leaks or heat loss. They also come in very handy for electrical inspections.

Which thermal imaging camera?

If you’re looking for a thermal imaging camera but find yourself spoilt for choice, why not let Red Current help? We provide a wide range of thermal imaging cameras and can determine a suitable handheld device for everyone.

The FLIR E4 is one of the top 10 thermal imaging cameras on the market. It allows you to hold the device in one hand and to operate it easily by pulling the trigger to capture the image.

Using the FLIR E4, you’ll have the opportunity to identify locations that are prone to problems. It can also be used to enhance the quality of reports and surveys- allowing you to record accurate data.

Like any other thermal imaging camera, the FLIR E4 is guaranteed to make hot spots visibly clearer and make it simpler for you to troubleshoot systems.

Another camera that we have available for thermal imaging camera rental is the FLIR E8. The FLIR E8 is designed to be rugged and lightweight which makes it easier for you to capture images.

The FLIR E8 retains temperature data and has a simple navigation which makes it one of the easiest cameras to use- even if you’re new to thermal imaging. Could you benefit from FLIR E8 camera hire?

Where to hire a thermal imaging camera?

Here at Red Current, we specialise in thermal imaging camera hire. We provide you with the option to hire a camera, saving you the cost of buying one outright.

To accommodate every budget, thermal imaging camera hire is competitively priced starting from £70 per day and cameras can be provided on a flexible basis- whether you’re looking for thermal imaging camera hire for 1 day or 7 days. Thermal imaging camera hire is ideal if you don’t require the camera for everyday use. However, if you think you need to purchase a camera, then why not try before you buy? Renting a thermal imaging camera will allow you to test out the cameras to decide which one is right for you.

To find out more about thermal imaging camera rental, call the Red Current experts on 01189 819 819 today!

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