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Use Thermal Imaging for Better Building Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient is your building? This is an important question that needs answering, as building efficiency can save vast amounts of money for any commercial business. Some estimate that up to 60% of office heat can be lost through the fabric of your building, so it makes sense to find out where this occurs and then address it. What is the quickest way to locate these leakages? By using thermal imaging. Red Current Ltd specialises in thermography and we can help you to address these issues by generating accurate, detailed thermal imaging reports. Here are three ways that thermographic surveys can help you:

Accurately Diagnose Problems

Is the lack of efficiency primarily to do with moisture ingress or condensation? The presence of mould growth can also indicate problems to do with the heat loss within the building fabric. There is no need to guess what the real issues are. By using our thermal imaging cameras and producing comprehensive surveys and reports, you will receive outstanding visual and measurable evidence as to the causes of the suspected problems. As with any doctor or other health professional, their treatment program is only as good as the accuracy of their diagnosis. You can ensure that you tackle the suspected problem effectively by using the information from thermography surveys and reports.

Identify Improvements

Wasting lots of heat energy could be compared to opening all windows and doors during the wintertime – your energy bills will be much higher than necessary. No one would ever accept losing heat in this way. So, once you identify the probable causes of energy loss within your building, what can you do next? These reports allow you to identify potential improvements and upgrades so that your property is more energy efficient. Once you have this valuable information, you can make sensible decisions on how to increase the efficiency performance of your building. Think how much money you could save. Identify and improving the energy efficiency in any building is an invaluable benefit of using our thermal imaging technology. Are there any other advantages?

Meet Industry Regulations

You would expect any new build to be energy efficient and the level of heating loss to be as minimal as possible, but this doesn’t come about automatically. Building regulations and sustainability assessments are continually seeking ways to improve the performance of new buildings. How can thermographic surveys help with this? They can be included in the schedule of works, so that it’s easier to meet the sustainability rating and they can also be used to check the overall quality of the building. For a modest amount of investment, our thermographic surveys represent excellent value for money both now and in the long-term.

This is just one way that thermal imaging cameras can be used. What about for electrical and mechanical equipment, offshore oil and gas installations, underfloor heating systems, and so on? We are happy to assist you in these and other areas of application.

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