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The Future of Thermal Imaging Cameras Is Already Here

Today, no one questions the importance of thermal imaging surveys. The ability to ‘see’ with thermal imaging can reveal defects and anomalies, and can even save lives. The technological advancement in this field is astounding. What if the future of thermal imaging cameras was already here? Is it possible to carry out thermographic surveys using smartphones or drones? The potential applications would be virtually endless. Welcome to the world of the ‘CAT S60 Smartphone’ with an integrated thermal camera and to the reality of the ‘Thermography Drone.’ How is this thermal technology incorporated into a smartphone or into a drone?

CAT S60 Smartphone with Integrated Thermal Camera

‘Seeing is believing’ – the CAT S60 Smartphone with an integrated thermal camera must be seen to be believed. This pioneering mobile phone has an integrated thermal imaging camera – a world’s first. This makes thermographic technology more accessible. Could you see yourself taking it to work and showing it off to your colleagues, checking for any electrical problems or seeing if there are any glitches in your equipment? Perhaps you can use it to identify how energy efficient your place of employment is – is there any heat loss from the doors and windows? It can also be used to see through smoke and could be incredibly useful for a wide range of professionals. The thermal images that it captures can be easily accessed and shared. These images are clear, but not as detailed as high resolution thermographic cameras. In addition, this ingenious smartphone is waterproof when submerged to a depth of up to 5 metres, allowing you to take photographs underwater.

Thermography Drones

It’s amazing to think that drones have become commonplace. They have been put to many different uses, both commercially and for leisure purposes. More recently, however, they have been used along with drones, to great success. How easy is it to carry out traditional thermographic surveys on inaccessible buildings, electricity power cables, photovoltaic systems, and so on? Sometimes it is restrictive due to challenging locations. It’s easy to see why this technology is extremely useful and growing in popularity. Today, you can obtain a complete thermography drone package, which consists of the drone itself, cameras, software, lenses, along with the necessary training. Or you could arrange for an experienced company to carry out the full thermographic inspection process for you.

Thermal Imaging Technology

What will be the next level of thermal imaging innovation? Only time will tell. But it’s incredible to think that a smartphone with a thermal camera is already available. Equally impressive are the thermography drones, which can carry out a vast array of essential thermographic imaging. One thing is for sure – thermal imaging is here to stay. There are so many applications and uses of thermography and numerous businesses owe their productivity to it.

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