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Red Current is a member of the
UK Thermography Association and our specialists are certified by the
British Institute of Non Destructive Testing

How much does a thermal imaging survey cost?

To find out the likely cost of a thermal imaging survey, please select the required application from the choices below.

Building Thermography


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

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Building Thermography

Underfloor Surveys


Condition Monitoring/

Predicticve Maintenance

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Thermal Imaging Survey Costs

We have developed a quick and easy way of finding out how much your thermal imaging survey is likely to cost.

Just complete a short form and your estimate will be processed by our sales team and emailed back to you shortly.

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Thermography Standards

All of our thermal imaging inspections are carried out in accordance with the relevant ISO or British Standards.

Each survey is supported by a method statement, is appropriately risk assessed and complies with any additional local working procedures required.

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